Research Topics

The main research areas I have been working on include:

  • Stability theory and algorithms for economic MPC
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Autonomous driving
  • Distributed optimal control and MPC over wifi
  • Algorithms for direct optimal control and MPC
  • Efficient modeling aimed at optimization and optimal control
  • Airborne wind energy

Additionally, I cooperate / have cooperated with colleagues from other disciplines to perform multi-disciplinary research. This includes:

  • Optimal Containment of Epidemics, in collaboration with Prof. Andrea Rinaldo (hydrologist) and Prof. Damiano Pasetto (applied mathematician)
  • Optimal Network Reconstruction, in collaboration with Prof. Tiziano Squartini (physicist)

Selected List of Research Projects

Reinforcement Learning
Autonomous Driving
Economic MPC and Automatic Tracking Cost Design
Airborne Wind Energy